Underwater cinematography. 4k, 4k+,IMAX, stereoscopic filming, specialized cinematography.

Providing a full range of underwater and marine services for film and TV productions

Supplying underwater camera, lighting, digital communication and recording equipment.


Comprehensive filming permits for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine parks.

More than 40 Years of Experience and Over 150 Productions Worldwide
From the Tropics to the Polar Ice Caps

Full Range of Underwater Cinematography Services

NUMA represents a team of multi-skilled marine and underwater professionals brought together to provide a safe, reliable and economical approach to any production no matter how remote or environmentally hostile the location.

NUMA’s depth of experience has been gained by working with some of the finest technicians in the international film and television industry. We have used this experience to develop project-specific equipment, techniques, and procedures.

Our Specialties

NUMA Services

  • Production Support
  • Cinematography
  • Equipment
  • Specialised Studio

Our primary focus is on two major areas:

1) The development of a nucleus of multi-skilled personnel enabling us to reduce crew sizes without compromising the safety and integrity of a production. In addition to their specific technical abilities, crew members are also experienced in a variety of production skills.

2) The choice of the most appropriate, robust, reliable and field serviceable equipment, minimising potential downtime and hire costs. The streamlining of equipment packaging has also resulted in the significant reduction of weight and transportation costs.


NUMA has a comprehensive list of filming permits for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

NUMA has participated in the production of documentary TV series, feature films, commercials, corporate films, and displays. We have filmed everything from large marine mammals to microscopic invertebrates.

Our understanding of the modern digital technology, formats, and resolution requirements maximizes the image quality that we deliver. With in-house post-production capabilities we reduce the miscommunication and disconnection between camera operation, file processing, and post-production.

NUMA can provide an all-encompassing range of underwater camera housings, cameras, lenses and a large inventory of lighting equipment suitable for any production.

In combination with our post-production workflows, our lights are designed to produce the most vivid and accurate colours underwater. With biology, physics, and optics knowledge our team can approach spectrum-sensitive colouration of subjects and accurately render fluorescence pigmentation.

NUMA is at the forefront of technology in the development of digital underwater communication and audio recording equipment. In addition, we can provide a variety of full-face ‘presenter’ masks.

BioQuest Studios is a unique production facility specialized in complex and advanced image acquisition techniques, e.q. supermacro, precision motorization, low light, fluorescence, bioluminescence, and other filming directions requiring a broad array of skills. The BioQuest team includes experts in marine biology, cinematography, engineering, optics, and advanced image processing.

The facility produces content of superior image quality and style perfectly suited to the needs of the current resolution-demanding trends of the media industry.

Our Team

Pete West

  • Internationally certified commercial diving supervisor
  • Mariner
  • Underwater camera operator

Louise Polain

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Internationally certified commercial diver
  • Biologist

Neil Munro

  • Internationally certified mariner
  • Commercial diver

Anna Kozlova

  • Senior editor
  • Archive manager
  • Underwater camera operator

Daniel Stoupin

  • Biologist
  • Underwater camera operator
  • Data technician

Mike Reid

  • Drone Pilot
  • Camera operator

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National Underwater and Marine Agency

PO Box 603

Port Douglas, Queensland, 4877


Telephone: +61 7 4099 5340

Mobile: +61 412 424 673

Email: info{аt}numa.com.au

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